Translation Practice-from Chinese to English-list-P34

Translate Chinese to English ( or * Japanese*)

**My diet experience-減重(減肥)經驗談-P01 **

**我的姐姐是情書槍手-My older sister is a ghostwriter for love letters-P02**

Bohemian Rhapsody review -觀後感-P03

Are you Chinese or Taiwanese?你是中國人還是台灣人?-P04

My simple vegetarian recipes-我的簡易素食食譜-中英文–P0501

私の簡単なベジタリアン レシピ-我的簡易素食食譜-中日文-P06

My simple vegetarian recipes-我的簡易素食食譜-補充說明-P0502

Why do I want to learn English-我為什麼要學英文-P07

** Pet Restaurant-寵物餐廳-宠物餐厅-P08

** Riding a bike beside the river-河岸騎車-川沿いを自転車で走る-P09

Trekking in Nepal -尼泊爾健行-P10

**活到老 學到老-it’s never too late to learn-P11

**Broken bones in a bike accident-騎車骨折-P12

**My First Love-P13

**“Game of Thrones” review-P15

The steps of conversation-對話的步驟-P16

Approach your life goals with or without him-P17

** Approach your life goals with or without him-p22 (short version)

**Taiwan legalizes same-sex marriage-台灣通過同性婚姻法案-P18

**Meeting a snake-遇見蛇-P19

Meeting a snake in summer camp-夏令營遇見蛇-P20

** I support legalization of euthanasia-P23

** Stay strong Hong Kong-香港加油- P24

A language joke- P25

Kindness-The wind-love after love-P26

Wrong tones can be embarrassing-P27

How to make Chinese friends-P28

Respect for the Dead-尊重亡者-P29

Beware of online dating-網路交友請小心-P30

Gold Investment Scam-黃金投資騙局-P31

Embarrassing “gan”-尷尬的 “干”-P32

“Blades of the Guardians” review-鏢人-P33

Reading manga-Blades of the Guardians鏢人 -learn Chinese

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