about me

I am interested in different cultures. and I have experience teaching Chinese, You can learn Chinese with me easily and happily.
I am hoping to find a language partner with whom I can practice my English or Japanese. I’m friendly, with many interests. Feel free to reach out if interested.
**a fixed time every week would be great***.
taiwan time zone is (GMT+8)
visit my youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCan2Svf7r00gSyyb0ONgDWQ

Hobbies and interests :Travel, hiking, music, movies, cooking, agriculture, design

Country, Town :Taiwan, Taipei , (New Taipei City)

Native Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

Practicing Language: English and Japanese.

Type of Exchange :
Chat using  :  **Skype **(sound only, no camera )
I use “skype”  . i don’t use “wechat”


why do I want to practice English?

Why do I want to learn English-我為什麼要學英文-P07

Q: What is your job? 你的工作是什麼?。
A: I work at an educational fund (nonprofit organization).
Our fund provides summer camps and  annual scholarships for kids.
so they can learn new skills, build self-confidence, and make lasting friendships.

The summer camps are outdoor adventure camps.
in the mountains, farms etc.
activities include : going for a hike, riding a bike, making treasure maps and find treasures, baking cookies, factory tours, group competitions, etc.
These activities are very rewarding for children.小朋友們都很喜歡這些活動


An experience or action that is rewarding gives you satisfaction or brings you benefits.


1. These activities are very rewarding for children.
(or These activities are very exciting for kids.)

2. Community service is very rewarding.


3.  I got an A on my test so my mom gave me a reward.
我考試得到A,母親給了我獎勵 (獎品)


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