C78-How To Order Food In Chinese-01

How to read a Chinese menu (Part 1)
1. 菜 cài : dishes
2. 飯 fàn : rice
3. 麵 (面)miàn : noodles
4. 湯 tāng : soup
5.肉 ròu: meat

牛niú : cow ;牛肉 beef
雞(鸡) jī : chicken ;鸡肉 chicken
羊 yáng : sheep ; 羊肉 lamb
豬 zhū :pig ; 豬肉 pork

yú: fish
蝦(虾) xiā : prawn or shrimp.
蛋dàn : egg
豆腐 dòu fǔ : tofu
:dish, vegetable,

and it’s used in a lot of names of vegetables, and a lot of vegetables usually have a at the top, which means grass(草).

How to read a Chinese menu (Part 2)

火huǒ : fire.
炒 chǎo :stir-fried
and is probably the most widespread cooking method for Chinese dishes.
爆 bào : flash-fried
烤 kǎo : roasted or baked
红燒(燒/烧) hóng shāo : braised or simmered in a dark soy sauce.
It’s a popular way of cooking meat and fish.

香 xiāng : fragrant or sweet-smelling,
麻 má : it numbs your mouth a little bit
辣 là : spicy
酸 suān : sour.
香辣 xiāng là : fragrant and spicy
麻辣 má là : numbing and spicy.

(Survival mandarin) AT A CHINESE RESTAURANT – Expressions

服務員, 給我菜單好嗎?
fú wù yuán , gěi wǒ cài dān hǎo ma ?
excuse me , can I have the menu please?

給我茶水, 好嗎?
gěi wǒ chá shuǐ , hǎo ma ?

給我冰水, 好嗎?
gěi wǒ bīng shuǐ , hǎo ma ?
cold water

給我開水, 好嗎?
gěi wǒ kāi shuǐ , hǎo ma ?
Can I have a glass of water (hot water)?

fú wù yuán ,jié zhàng
Check please.

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