uyghur camp in china-about China-6

尋找「消失」的維族人:拘留營經歷者講述「再教育」日常- BBC News 中文 |新疆

Life Inside China’s ‘Re-Education’ Camps

CNN captures rare images China doesn’t want you to see

China’s secret internment camps

China’s hidden camps – BBC News

Xinjiang: The story Beijing doesn’t want reported | The Listening Post

Uncovering China’s Detention And Torture Of Its Muslim Minority

China is Surveilling and Threatening Uighurs in the U.S.

新疆維吾爾人:中國,我的孩子在哪裏?- BBC News 中文

How China is crushing the Uighurs | The Economist


China’s Vanishing Muslims: Undercover In The Most Dystopian Place In The World

被送到「再教育營」的新疆維吾爾人 - BBC News 中文 |新疆|再教育營|

Surviving China’s Uighur camps

China’s vanishing mosques – BBC News

獨家:新疆醫師爆「再教育營」真相! 日記者揭聯合國不制裁中國內幕

Re-education Camps, Infiltration, Surveillance: China Criticized over Persecution of Uyghur Muslims

China’s problems with the Uyghurs (Documentary from 2014 in HD)


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